Laugh Out Loud Fun with a Powerful Message

Christian Magician Don Townsend

"Christian Illusionist" Don Townsend is not only an illusionist that is a Christian. He uses his illusionists skills to illustrate Christian principles.

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*Family Fun Night

*Sunday morning service

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Christian Magician Don Townsend

Don is based in Orlando, Florida. He is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, but prefers the title Christian Illusionist and very funny Christian Comedians

(407) 568-8266

Christian Magician Don Townsend

Some people refer to Don as a Christian Magician. He is more accurately described as a Christian Illusionist, Christian Comedian, or Christian Entertainer. Whatever term you may use, everyone agrees it's an amazing show full of LAUGH OUT LOUD FUN and a POWERFUL MESSAGE

*Church Celebration

*Special Outreach

*Seniors event

*Any other special event

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Christian Magician Don Townsend

For clarity a Christian Magician is NOT at all associated with the supernatural. They present theatrical magic that is accomplished through visual illusions and sleight of hand. As a Christian magician, Don uses these magical illusions as visual illustrations to proclaim the magnificent message of Jesus in a clear thought-provoking way. Christian magicians are sometimes referred to as Gospel magicians since they present the Gospel message. The magic Christian magicians use attracts people’s attention and then directs them to Jesus. Don has lectured at many international Christian Magician conferences.